Composite Laminates and Coupons: High and Low Temperature Testing

The determination of the properties of composites over a range of temperatures demands accurate control of the specimen temperature - along with the grips and fixtures that perform reliably at various temperatures and are easy to use.

Instron provides temperature chambers, grips, test fixtures and extensometers for testing between -70ºC and +250ºC (-94ºF and +392ºF). These systems are designed to make switching from a room temperature test to a non-ambient test quickly and easily.

Extended hydraulic grip solutions for non-ambient testing place the hydraulic components outside the chamber for safety and reliability. Adapters are available to allow other accessories - such as compression platens and bend fixtures - to be attached while leaving the hydaulic grips in place.

Instron chambers include removable wedges that allow the chamber to slide backwards on rollers without removing the load string. This is essential for highly aligned (NADCAP) load strings - which require re-alignment if removed.


Tensile Testing Composite Laminates in a Chamber with Hydraulic Grips