5500A Series

The 5500A series material testing systems represent a range of high performance load frames, high bandwidth DSP (Digital Signal Processing) based electronics, and Bluehill modular applications software. When coupled with Instron's extensive application knowledge and wide range of accessories, 5500A Series systems provide the correct testing solution for your laboratory.

Options include strain channels for connecting extensometers and analog outputs for chart recorders, plotters etc.

Principle Of Operation

The 5500A system can take up to two additional (optional) signal conditioning cards. Some applications may require a direct strain measurement from the specimen or load/strain control. This signal conditioning card is directly compatible with Instron's extensometers, LVDTs, as well as having a second load signal available, or other input devices, provided it has a +/- 10VDC.

An Analog Output and Digital I/O card is also available, allowing connection of analog chart recorders and plotters. Also 4 logic output lines and 4 logic input lines are available to trigger input and output events.