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Composite Laminate Testing Essentials On-Demand Webinar

Composite materials offer designers an attractive alternative to traditional structural materials, often providing higher performance and greater flexibility. These benefits, however, come at the cost of increased material complexity. There are a wide range of mechanical test standards developed specifically to test composite materials, and auditing bodies such as Nadcap often strictly define further testing performance criteria (e.g. specimen alignment) which makes it even more critical that material performance is accurately measured when assessing composites. 

It is easy to overlook the challenges of producing high quality test data to support the needs of both structure design and materials development. To help users navigate this complex task, Instron has provided two webinars discussing the main test types and associated fixtures for determining the bulk properties of composite laminates. The first webinar discusses key practical aspects of setting up and performing the tests, including fundamental equipment specifications needed to support them. The second webinar addresses common questions and concerns from participants around the world.

What You Will Learn About

  • Testing to determine laminate bulk properties such as tension, compression, and shear.
  • Compression after Impact and Fatigue Testing
  • Testing system solutions for composites

Both webinars are presented by Ian McEnteggart, Composites Market Manager at Instron.