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Welcome to the 59th edition of the accessories e-newsletter – in this issue: Instron Bluehill Universal – advantages of upgrading.

Bluehill Universal is Instron’s latest generation of testing software. Our product updates are always designed to introduce new features, improve safety, enhance usability, and meet new and changing international standards. Recent newsletters have focused on the lifecycle of Instron accessories and explained why components of our test systems need to be periodically updated or replaced. The process of updating is equally applicable to software, operating systems, and PC hardware.

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Testing System Security

Your testing system is only as secure as your PC. Operating systems older than Windows 7 and Windows 10 are at higher risk of being compromised by spear phishing, ransomware, and other forms of data theft. Bluehill Universal only works with current and supported operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Bluehill 3 on Windows 7 or Windows 10 continues to be secure. However, those customers still using Series IX, Series XII, Merlin, Bluehill, and some Bluehill 2 (and a small number of Bluehill 3 users) are using PC operating systems with unsupported security updates. You can check on the product lifecycle status of your Instron systems software here. If you are concerned about the security of your testing system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With Bluehill Universal and Instron Connect you can keep your security levels high by receiving automatic software and security updates directly to your testing system.

Instron Connect

A Touchscreen Interface

Instron Bluehill Universal software is complemented by the Operator Dashboard, a touchscreen interface which promotes ease-of-use and helps maximize table space. Although Bluehill Universal can still be used with a traditional keyboard and mouse, the Operator Dashboard is more ergonomically friendly and is designed to increase user efficiency. The touchscreen can also save space: on a single-column system, as much as 55 percent of table space can be recovered by replacing the traditional PC with a Dashboard.

Bluehill Universal Operator Dashboard Desk Space Savings


QuickTest is a standard feature of Bluehill Universal that allows users to rapidly perform a set of tests by inputting only a few basic parameters. With QuickTest, even infrequent operators are able to run a test as long as they input two pieces of data: test direction (tensile or compressive) and test speed.

Data and File Export

If there is one thing an Instron testing machine can do with ease, it is produce huge amounts of data. Of course, data can only be useful if it can be processed and managed successfully, and many customers want to export their data to various locations. Bluehill Universal has a file export tool to ensure that the file structure of exported data matches that of the user’s database.

Bluehill Universal Export Features

Other Features

Upgrading to Bluehill Universal will increase your system security, streamline your testing process, and simplify your data export. Other valuable features of this software upgrade can be found below:

  • TestProfiler – Cyclic repetitive testing or step by step unique profile capability
  • TestCam – Synchronize a video image with the test load time and displacement
  • Analysis – Rerun data through different methods
  • Expression Builder – Create complex or unique calculations
  • TrendTracker – Results-orientated database – multiple machine data
  • API – Custom interface for importing and exporting
  • Off-Line Programming Licences – Allows testing machine to run all day while methods are written on another PC