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Touch: A New but Familiar way to interact with your Universal testing machine 

Instron® has introduced the first designed-for-touch materials testing software.  Bluehill® Universal, when combined with an Operator Dashboard, can save you time, improve your ergonomics, and enhance your capability with its advanced featureset.

Bluehill Universal on 5900 Dual Column  Bluehill Universal on 5900 Single Column

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QuickTest allows you to enter just a few simple parameters to get a test result.  The user simply enters a test speed and machine direction, adds some optional specimen inputs, and presses start. QuickTest saves you time by allowing you to perform simple single-ramp, pull-to-break tests with minimal effort and training

Customizable Raw Data and Results output

Bluehill Universal Exporting Tool

Whether you need a polished PDF report or a customized file to integrate with you lab information management system (LIMS), Bluehill Universal's exporting tools have the flexibility to output results, user inputs, raw data, graphs, and more in a wide variety of formats

For a chance to experience Bluehill Universal and touch capability, please contact your local Instron office.
What's so good about the operator dashboard? 
The Operator Dashboard is a touch screen with a built-in controller that connects to the frame on a flexible mounting arm that fits in a machine's t-slot columns. It removes the need for a PC and can reduce the testing system's footprint by up to 55% depending on the model, ideal for congested workspaces.  Additionally, the use of the dashboard improves operator ergonomics by positioning the user closer to the test system.

Available in the following setups:
  • 15.6" or 21.5" Industrial grade capacitive touch screen with built-in controller
  • 15.6" or 19.5" Industrial grade capacitive touch screen for use with existing desktop PCs
The Operator Dashboard can be used with 3300, 5500, and 5900 controllers.

Operator Dashboard

New Features in Bluehill Universal 

Bluehill Universal comes with all the power you have come to expect from previous versions of Bluehill software but adds a suite of new and exciting features, designed to simplify your testing processes and help you test smarter.

Instron Connect

Instron Connect

Instron's unrivaled application expertise and best-in-class service establish us as the leader in customer satisfaction with the best ownership experience.  Instron Connect introduces a powerful communication platform that brings our support engineers even closer to your organization.

Instron Connect Reminders
Instron Connect Icon
Instron Connect Updates

Faster Remote Technical Support

Secure screen-sharing and submit service requests directly through the system.  Easily send test methods and sample data files for review.

Reduced Risk with Scheduled Reminders

Maintain your lab's certification with calibration reminders and easy scheduling to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Keep Up to Date with Current Features

Automatic software update notifications provide confidence that your Instron system is running in optimal condition.


Bluehill Universal is uniquely built from the ground up for touch interaction.  You will find all the power of touch you've come to expect from a phone or tablet in Bluehill Universal including swiping, dragging, pinch-to-zoom, etc. 

Touch Points

The ergonomic design leads to efficient and effortless workflows.

Effortless Workflow        Increased Efficiency         Advanced Capability

Effortless Workflows

An easy-to-use touch interface, built with ergonomics in mind, optimizes your testing workflow.

Increased Efficiency

Console functions and numerical keypads are conveniently located and accessible, making your testing faster and easier.

Advanced Capability

Powerful Bluehill architecture gives you complete control over how you set up test methods, allowing you to achieve optimal results