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Instron® TrendTracker™ Data Analysis Software

Instron’s Bluehill® 3 results-based analysis module is designed to aid evaluation of your test results. TrendTracker has the ability to collate results into a database for future analysis.
  • Gather your testing results by importing them into the TrendTracker database
  • Analyze your results using the TrendTracker sort, group, and visualize tools
  • View and share the data to improve your understanding of your products
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Bluehill TrendTracker Plug-In

Using the TrendTracker plug-in, Bluehill 3 Testing Software automatically exports various test parameters and results to a database at the end of every sample.

You can connect multiple Bluehill installations to the same database, giving you the ability to search data across different machines or even different labs.

Database on Testing PC with Instron-Distributed SQL Server Express

The testing PC, where Instron Bluehill is installed, hosts the SQL Server (Express edition) and the database. The local Bluehill plugin is the only plugin that exports results to the Database. The TrendTracker Viewer needs to be installed on the same PC for data access.

The main disadvantage of this configuration is that users can only access the database from the testing PC.


Database on Non-Testing PC with Instron-Distributed SQL Server Express

A PC that is not connected to an electromechanical system, but is accessible on the local networks, hosts the SQL Server (Express edition) and the database.

This configuration is recommended when:

  • Multiple systems need to export to the same database or multiple users need to access the results from the same database, and
  • An existing IT SQL Server is not available

The scalability of this option is limited by the capabilities of the SQL Server Express edition and the host PC specifications.


Database on Existing SQL Server in IT Department

In this configuration, the database is hosted by an existing SQL Server that is maintained by the IT Department and the testing PC can be connected to the network.

The advantages of an IT-maintained server are:

  • The database can be hosted on a standard or higher edition SQL Server that does not have the limitations that the Instron-distributed Express edition experiences
  • The IT server machines are usually much more capable of handling multiple users than desktop computers
  • Any backup and maintenance done for existing database on the SQL Server is automatically extended to the TrendTracker database

Database: Data is exported from each frame to a central database
Viewer: That database can be "viewed" from any PC that is connected to the database.

You can have one frame or 100 frames in more than one location, all of which can be linked to the same database and viewed from wherever you choose.

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