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AVE 2 Non-Contacting Extensometer: The Next Generation

The second generation Instron® Advanced Video Extensometer (AVE 2) utilizes patented measurement technology in the fastest, most accurate non-contacting strain measurement device commercially available.

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How often do you find that your testing equipment is not quite what you need or expected? Learning what is critical for our customers allows us to develop technology that is intuitive and eliminates unnecessary steps and complicated set up procedures. Every interaction that our global sales and service teams have with customers allows us to gain valuable insight into customer problems, providing the input for us to engineer customized solutions that address these important customer concerns.

One Device, Endless Applications

Do you wish you had one device for use at ambient, high/low temperatures, or for use with specimens and components submersed in a bath? Do you need a device that can meet the needs of your lab over the next five years? The versatility of the new AVE 2 allows for testing under multiple environmental conditions, and can be used for advanced strain measurement with Digital Image Correlation (DIC). Additionally, the AVE 2 conforms to the most rigorous testing standards, such as ISO 527 and ASTM D638.

Digital Image Correlation with AVE 2

Why Use a Non-Contacting Extensometer?

  • No external influence on specimen strain from the extensometer
  • No extensometer weight influence on specimens
  • No knife edges in contact with delicate specimens means AVE 2 avoids inducing premature failure on notch sensitive materials
  • Specimen or component may be an awkward size and shape for conventional clip-on extensometers
  • Can be used through failure without damage to the extensometer

Wide Range of Applications

  • Meets a broad range of testing standards including ISO 527, ASTM D638, and D3039
  • Utilize the real time 490 hz data rate
  • Measure modulus and strain to failure of many materials including metals, plastics, composites, textiles, films, elastomers, paper, components, and bio materials
  • Record images of a test with synchronized playback or post-test analysis with Digital Image Correlation software specifically designed for materials testing
  • Conveniently install on any test frame in your laboratory
  • Can be used of any testing frame that accepts a ±10 volt analogue input*
  • Mounts easily to testing frame and can be moved from machine to machine
  • Versatility allows for testing specimens within environments; compatible with 3119-600 type chamber at ambient, sub-ambient, and elevated temperatures
  • 3130-100 type bio baths for liquid immersion testing
AVE 2 and Chamber

Delivering a Robust Solution with Potential for Future Expansion

  • Application marking – traditional dots and lines for video extensometry and dots speckles and natural patterns for digital image correlation
  • Plug and play installation
  • Bluehill® 3 integration
  • Patented technologies**
  • Controlled air flow and lighting stabilizes changes in the air properties between video and specimen ensuring accurate and repeatable results

* Performance depends on system; analog output has 18 bit resolution
** Instron holds US and European patents for the control of air currents between the camera and specimen that eliminates noise caused by refraction of light; and for the low-voltage LED illumination system that ensures optimum lighting under all lighting conditions. US 7,047,819 B2, US 7,610,815 B2, and EP 1,424,547, B1.

A Revolution in Strain Measurement

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